Pain shared is pain halved!

It hasn’t been easy talking about my past. For so long, I denied that the sexual abuse ever happened and tried desperately to live a ‘normal life’. But that nagging voice was always there, telling me that there was something wrong.

I have just started on my journey of healing, I call it my journey back to my authentic self. The self that has been hiding for over three decades, afraid that she is too bad, too inadequate to belong anywhere.

Opening up to my therapist was a huge shift for me, it was the moment that I decided not to carry this burden of misplaced shame and dark secrets anymore. Since I have started opening up to my therapist, close friends and on this blog I have been feeling a lot better. It just proves that truth-telling has the power to liberate.

I have always felt very different to others, believing that my secrets are too dark, heavy and ugly to be shared. maybe I have been afraid of being judged or ostracized.

To find so many other women on WordPress who are on their own journeys of healing and who describe the same shame and heaviness that I have always felt has helped me in so many ways. It is a community of brave warrior women who have survived the unspeakable and are talking about it, sharing their pain with the world because it does matter that people know!


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