The ripple effect of one decisive move!


One decision can change the lives of so many!

I made the decision to leave my abusive husband about eight months ago.

This decision to leave has given me the space to go for therapy. This therapy is giving me the non-judgmental and safe place to reflect on why I stayed so long in the relationship and why I didn’t even recognise that I was being abused.

By divorcing my husband, I am taking responsibility for my role as a former victim and I am also giving him a chance to take responsibility for his actions. It is an opportunity to look deep within himself and examine his role as the abuser. Whether he chooses to use the opportunity well or not is entirely up to him.

By making the choice to go for therapy and looking back on my past childhood trauma, I am unearthing all the memories, shame and hurt to release them. I am allowing my inner child to become unstuck.

I have chosen to stop communicating with my father and by doing this, he is being given the chance to look back and take responsibility for sexually abusing his daughter. Whether he denies it or admits it to himself and others is his choice.

In all of this I am taking my son out of an abusive environment and showing him that there is a different way to be which will affect the kind of man he grows up to be.

By taking a stand and speaking out, I am breaking the chains of generational abuse in my family as well as my husband’s and I am giving a voice to all the powerless victims of abuse.

This is important work and I am privileged to be playing a small role in the ripple effect!


4 thoughts on “The ripple effect of one decisive move!

  1. Ripple effect. I love your powerful blogs. Wow! You are taking your power back. Ripple effect, I really like that, and mostly how your actions are affecting you and your son in such positive ways, more like a tsunami.


    • Thank you! Through all the difficulties, I am focussing on the positive and the good that will come out of it all in the long run. Right now it is a struggle but my mind flies to the place I want to be in the future! You are one of the people, my warrior women I call them, who inspire me to keep moving forward!

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  2. This is a very honest post I’m sure many women (and maybe some men) to will be able to relate to your story. Every change starts with a decision and I’m sure you’re on the right track. Hopefully your post will inspire some other people in similar life situations.


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