My Bucket List


Things I want to do before I am forty!

  • Travel to a foreign city alone
  • Run the London Marathon
  • Volunteer at a centre for women who are survivors of abuse and domestic violence
  • Finish the novel I have started to write
  • Get my driver’s licence
  • Have a healthy romantic relationship free of abuse and codependency

This list is a work in progress so I will add to it accordingly!

What’s on your list?


4 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! Mine is allowing myself to enjoy my simple life without feeling guilty or hearing those negative voices tell me I should be doing more. I love being home, puttering around the house, and enjoying the meadow and creek. That’s it! It’d be nice to write another book because I love writing. But I don’t know if I have another in me.
    Wow! I believe you will do all these things!


    • Oh thank you! Your list is great too! I know what you mean about the negative voices; I think that abuse and childhood trauma sets you up to be your own worst enemy. For me at least, even when things are good I find something to criticize myself about; sometimes that I should do more or be more! Just learning to love ourselves and being happy in the moment are great feats for survivors!
      I am sure you have many more books in you! Thank you for reading and sharing yours!


  2. Thanks for sharing yours sound pretty determine and good on you along side your journey!

    Well mines pretty simple. .
    I wanna live life simple appreciate with my whole heart .
    Love more genuinely than ever before
    And most importantly learn to achieve that piece of love making I so battle with and experience joy iv never known in it…I’m ever greatful for my loving and patient husband who travels my journey patiently along side me daily,I’m can’t wait to feel things differently!


    • Thanks for sharing yours. I am so glad that you have your husband by your side. You are blessed to have such a supportive partner! I am sure your sheer will and determination to feel and live life differently will materialise. When we think it we are that much closer to getting it! Sending you lots of warmth and support on your journey of healing.

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