Empathy is the antidote to shame

Today I just wanted to share this amazing Ted talk by Brene Brown and say thank you to all the women I have met through this blog. Women who inspire me greatly, and restore my faith in hope and love daily.

It’s incredible that the women survivors who have lived through such darkness are able to leave so much light wherever they go.

Here is the link to the Ted talk which you may have seen already! But for me what is most significant is the fact that by having empathy for each other we can try to destroy the shame that we grew up with.

Listening to shame


8 thoughts on “Empathy is the antidote to shame

  1. Thank you for that gift. Empathy eradicates shame, or in her words, put shame in a petri dish with empathy and it cannot continue to flourish or even exist. Maybe that is why I am feeling residual shame hiding in the corners of my depths being dusted out while blogging; writing, reading and commenting.

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