Abusive Man

You push me to the edge,

over and over.

Do you enjoy seeing me mad?

Losing Control?

Is it the reaction that you want?

You twist my words and contort your face to corrupt any good feeling in the room.

My confidence and calm are personal affronts to you.

My pain is your sport.

Your only goal, absolute domination.

Are you so empty inside that you need to fill yourself up with cheap conquests.



6 thoughts on “Abusive Man

  1. Hold your space! Give yourself something to hold on to — some sort of stone or coin or something tactile that you can put in your pocket or wear on your wrist. Hold it in your hand like a worry stone and let it anchor you in the storm so that you don’t react. It’s so hard not to take the bait and react. Expecially with the constant needling. Try with all of. Your warrior might not to. You’ll feel better if you don’t but it’s like a drug, slipping back into crazy making patterns when you’re surrounded by crazy. Don’t do it! I’m cheering you on. I’m wondering if there’s a room he can rent over the holidays for less than a hotel. Maybe post something on Craig’s list. Someone might need the extra cash and may rent a room in their home.

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    • Thanking for supporting me! I took your advice and put on a bracelet which i hold onto to ground me because it’s so easy as you say to lose touch with reality with all the crazymaking. It’s the inconsistencies that are especially disconcerting. He is a victim, then he is the aggressor, he cries and begs and then insults. It’s a rollercoaster ride and I was swept up in it for so long without knowing. It’s only since I have started confronting the trauma I suffered as a little girl that I am able to see it for what it is! I will stay strong as I know he is leaving soon. This is the last time I will be generous enough to let him stay. Thank you again! God bless you!


    • I am sorry that you can relate to this! It is very hard to deal with this kind of person on any level but especially when they are so close to you. Stay strong and hold on your own, I am struggling to do the same with the support of people like you! Thank you

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