If you leave me I will get married!

Thank you to all my fellow bloggers, warrior men and women who are supporting me through my abusive husband’s crazymaking strategies!

I am never going back to the madness. He keeps bringing out new tools from his box; victim, aggressor, pleading, begging, crying, insulting, ridiculing, belittling.

This morning he brought out a new one and threatened to get married and have more children if I divorced him. He said that he would have to fill the emptiness he feels.

It’s so sad that he doesn’t realise that it is that sense of emptiness that he needs to work on and fill with his own self-worth! But I have given up on fixing things and taking responsibility for things that are out of my control. I cannot continue to sacrifice my well being and that of my precious son for a man who doesn’t want to confront his own demons.

You are giving me the strength to stand strong, hold my ground and remember that I am worthy of love and respect and emotional well-being.

This is my wall of strength:

35033-Strength GGS-strength-courege-bible-verses hidden2 images (6) 20828-God-Didn-t-Give-You-The-Strength-So-You...inner-strength3 quotes-about-strength-5 strength (1) strength strength1 Strength2 strength11 strong-enough-to-let-go-strength-picture-quote strength struggle-strength


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