Happy to Inspire.

Thank you to Patricia Grace at https://patriciajgrace@wordpress.com for nominating me.


Here are my answers.

Who is your favorite public figure?

I don’t think I have one, but you have got me thinking. I will have to get back to you on that one.

What do you like most?

Feeling at peace with myself and the world

Do you follow trends?

Not really, unless it’s a trend that happens to fit well with my beliefs, needs etc

What do you do when someone gets angry?

Anger is an emotion that I am only getting comfortable with now. Anger and me are good friends now.

What have you loved most?

I have loved the precious times I spent with my grandmother, travelling, learning and being a mother.

Do you have causes?

Yes, all causes related to developing and nurturing the well-being of women and children all over the world.

What quality do you admire most?


My nominees for this award are:





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