Speaking Up!


I have done something which a few months ago would have been unthinkable!

I told a close family member about the sexual abuse I suffered as a child. I was not planning to do this. In fact I felt that I was not ready to do this. However, I felt compelled to do so to protect a baby girl that I love like my daughter. I cannot bear the thought of my father having access to her! The thought of him holding her makes me ill. I could not keep it a secret any longer!

I don’t know what will come of this but I know I have done the right thing.

The truth shall be told



5 thoughts on “Speaking Up!

  1. These crimes are up there in terms of the worst of the crimes possible; yet as a society, we keep them secret.
    I admire you.
    Considering a man would choose to indulge his lust by using his little daughter, he would have no problem doing the same thing to a niece, a neighbor, or any other little girl he could get his hands on.
    As a nurse, I am mandated to report suspected abuse of any kind. As human beings, we all are.
    For you to disclose to your brother what your father had done added so much burden for you, but you did it anyway, showing strength of character and resolve; such a very hard thing to do, but necessary.

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  2. Wow. Sometimes it is shocking how the words just fall out even when we think we are not ready. Like something inside decides “it’s now or never.” That had to have been scary, relieving and nerve wracking all at the same time. That takes such courage. That little girl is so lucky to have you there watching out for her and that you are willing to continue to break the silence.

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