My harsh inner voices!

Artwork by Rita Loyd

Artwork by Rita Loyd

So deeply embedded are those voices

Harsh voices

Making me feel bad for feeling good

Telling me that the compliments are false

and that the nice words are not really meant for me

they are being polite

That I am not good enough

Worthy enough

Beautiful enough

Instructing me to fix myself

To tolerate harsh behaviour in others

and to keep silent

To smile and say


“It’s Ok’

‘It’s fine’

‘No problem”

To feel bad for feeling angry

To feel bad for asserting myself

Artwork by Rita Loyd

Artwork by Rita Loyd

This is the link to Rita’s amazing website on self nutruring:


4 thoughts on “My harsh inner voices!

  1. Boy, I understand about hearing compliments or positive feedback even on-line. Sometimes I can take it in. I am more aware now that I have a tendency to try to discount compliments either outright by reminding the person of my many faults, or more discreetly in a way I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Like, coming at the compliment giver in a way that evokes a less positive response.
    So there, I have proved you didn’t really mean it. I’m more aware of this tendency, so that’s a good thing. Getting to really know oneself is quite a journey!

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    • When I give compliments, I totally mean it! I have a problem accepting them. But that is a good way of putting it. Since I am genuine when I give compliments, I should accept them graciously as being heartfelt.
      It is indeed an interesting journey getting know ourselves. We are blessed to be able to be on this journey and be able to look at ourselves with such honesty.

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