Developing abundance


The abundance mentality is a term I came across recently and I want so badly to adopt it.

It seems like such a good life philosophy to live by.

The abundance mentality allows you to create abundance in your life by affirming the belief that:

I am complete, abundant, fulfilled.

I am not lacking anything. I am not deficient in anything!

I am enough.

I have enough.

There is enough for everybody.

With this abundance mindset, I can relax fully in the belief that everything good and rich in the material and spiritual world will come to me.

I can allow myself to just be and not resist my feelings or situations that I have no control over.

I am patient and know that love will come to me and the right people will come and the right lessons will manifest in good time. Everything that I need and want will come to me.

I can stop struggling and fighting to grasp things greedily and cling to people, I can stop trying to prove myself and get validation for my achievements.

I am enough and my essence is enough. I can attract more abundance.

All good things will happen in good time effortlessly.

I only need to be ME, just ME.


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