I don’t give myself enough credit

self love

I don’t give myself enough credit.

I am a single mother who is going through a divorce from an abusive man and if that is not enough, I am also going for therapy to process the sexual abuse I suffered as a five year old girl.

I was doing a full time Masters degree last year, working full time, supporting my husband and son financially while he was abusing me emotionally, verbally and physically. Yet, I managed it all and graduated with a distinction.

If I read an article about a woman like me, I would have such respect and awe for the woman who initiated the divorce after a ten year marriage, for the woman who still shows compassion for people, offers support, turns up to work everyday with a smile and looks after her son with all the tenderness, unconditional love and honesty that she didn’t receive as a child.

I would have respect for the woman who has little family support and is essentially in a foreign place thriving! I would look in wonder at the woman who still feels blessed by life and still has faith in the goodness of people and in GOD.

I don’t give myself enough credit!


12 thoughts on “I don’t give myself enough credit

  1. It does help if you look at yourself as though you were looking at someone else – easier to see how serious your challenges are, what compassion you deserve, and what strength you are exhibiting by coping with everything. You are truly amazing!

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