The winds of change have blown through my life recently upsetting the work-life balance that I had carefully constructed. Work for the last three years has been my one constant; The one thing that I could depend on to be stable and secure and the same. It has been my personal life that has been the major source of upheaval; with the divorce and the childhood abuse that I am facing for the first time in my life.

However, these last two weeks have upset that delicate balance as our management decided at the eleventh hour to move all staff and students from our college to a new campus. The new site has many issue; it is not well-maintained and is badly in need of renovations. The management here is also quite dismissive of teachers and seems to undermine teachers at every opportunity.

I used to have my own office and now share an open plan office with five other teachers so that is a huge change. The moods and energies of others have a significant impact on me and I find myself feeling unsettled and uneasy whereas before I felt very comfortable in a familiar place. My life has been full of new people and places so change is not unusual for me, but I feel slightly disconnected from myself. I guess that’s because I am being drawn out of myself to deal with all the external changes. I feel like I am neglecting ME, the inner me that needs soothing and loving and care.

I have to make the time to be quiet and with myself and re-connect. It’s good practice I guess, pushing me to grow and heal further and be ok with lots of outside noise. I would like to be serene inside so that none of the hustle and bustle affects me deeply. I know I can find that space within to rest.


11 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I’d look for any little unused space, enough for a phone, desk and files then ask my supervisor to move. It can’t hurt to ask. I did it once in an office of three nurses, one who liked playing the radio. And I was given permission. It made all the difference. Not sure how anyone is able to get things done in an office of 5. And what about if you have a parent who needs to stop in, or a student? I don’t get it. Advocate for your needs if you have to. If you find a space that’s not used you may be able to have it.

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  2. Resistance is futile! I think Patricia has some great ideas. If you can’t find a little space to move to make a screen of vases with flowers, plants or buy/make s folding screen (like the Chinese) to set on your desk to define your space and provide privacy. I would also think the other teachers who are sharing the space are feeling the need for privacy and maybe you can work with them to come up with solutions.

    Good luck with all the changes you’re coping with. Life is a wild ride. ❤

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