A Month of Introspection

Today is the first day of the month of Ramadaan and I am fasting.

I love this month because it is an opportunity to slow down and be quiet. In the city where I live, everything slows down during this month and the work and school hours are reduced. Shops and restaurants only open after sunset which is when we break our fasts.

There is a great spirit of togetherness as all around me people are fasting too. I can see their tiredness, thirst and hunger in their body movements and eyes. It is a time for humility and going inward. It’s hard for me to be still, so I find myself getting restless and wanting something dramatic to happen. It seems I am so used to living with big dramatic occurrences that I expect something big to happen at anytime.

So Ramadaan is a time to just stay where I am, stay with any restlessness and discomfort that comes up. A time to draw closer to my creator and a time to practise self-restraint. For me fasting is a form of meditation and it allows me to listen to the background noise without caring! The voices around me quieten and I find tranquility in myself.

It’s ok that I have less energy and that there is less to do. It’s ok that there is no drama.

It’s ok to be still and quiet.

It’s ok to be ok.


One thought on “A Month of Introspection

  1. Thanks for the reminder about Ramadan. Even though I don’t consider myself a “religious” person or a person of any particular faith, I like to take the time to practice some parts of every faith. I don’t celebrate the entire month of Ramadan but do take out the time to fast twice a week in the month of Ramadan to support my friends of the Muslim faith.

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