How I Know I am Healing


It’s been 15 months since I started this journey and things are slowly starting to shift.

Subtle but noticeable changes in my thought processes and actions are beginning to show themselves.

  • I am kinder to myself; the voices within are gentle and accepting of all my moods and feelings
  • When people give me compliments like “You are amazing!”, I stop and think to myself “Yes, you are right, I am”
  • I know how to silence the Harsh Inner Critic within me
  • I allow myself to make mistakes and be imperfect and do and say the wrong thing.
  • I am less sensitive when people make comments about me
  • When I look at photographs of the little me at five years old, I see a beautiful, innocent angel! My heart bursts with love for her
  • I don’t wake up with that old feeling of terror first thing every morning
  • I know that God Loves me just as I am. I see God differently; as a compassionate loving God
  • I am so much more open and honest about myself with people
  • I can send flirty texts
  • I know my worth, so if people don’t smile at me or like me all the time, it’s ok
  • I don’t need to be included in every social plan
  • I feel less alone
  • I have deeper friendships
  • I have removed myself from three toxic relationships
  • I like the sound of my voice and am more comfortable speaking on the phone
  • I believe there is an abundance of love out there, more than enough for everyone
  • I believe in ME and my courage and strength
  • I know I am not the centre of the universe so that other’s moods and feelings are not a result of something I did or didn’t do.
  • I can manage my feelings
  • I know that I am the only person and the best person to take care of the little girl within me
  • I know that my feelings don’t define me
  • I know that like a gem, I have many facets unique to me
  • I know that I have a positive impact on others
  • I know the universe will bring me what I need at the right moment
  • I know I am good and my essence is permanent and unchangeable by anything that happens in the external world
  • I am positive about the future

healing 2


14 thoughts on “How I Know I am Healing

  1. When i was living with my narc parents,they forced me to leave my job.I wasn’t making enough money and,in their eyes,it was all that mattered as it damaged their image among their friends to tell about how little i earned.That job brought me a lot of happiness,but i had to give it up because of my toxic parents.For many years,i couldn’t forgive myself for being such a coward.Now i’m free.I escaped.For the first time in so many years,i found myself telling myself that,back then,i had no choice but to subside to their pressure and their violent rage tantrums.I started to forgive myself and that’s how i know i am finally healing.

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