Day one of the 3 day quote challenge

Thank you to Ms Ethel Duck for nominating me for the the 3-day quote challenge.

I am a quote lover so this is something that I will love! Today I choose one of my favourites from Maya Angelou.


This can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the perception of the reader. For me, it is important because it is a reminder to trust my feelings and gut instinct. Too often in the past, I repressed my feelings and didn’t trust my feelings. I became so good at hiding my feelings and containing, concealing and ignoring them. The abuse I endured as a child taught me that as a survival coping mechanism.

But I am now learning to listen to my feelings and express my feelings in the moment. I am learning that I have good insight and that my feelings and powers of intuition will guide me where I need to go if only I allow them to.

I was so afraid of feelings before. The feelings that I had shoved down were scary and I didn’t want to face them but now I see that they are just feelings. They don’t define me and they won’t kill me. I can use them as my compass as I navigate through life as a single mum.


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