Day 3 of the 3-day quote challenge


I came across this quote yesterday and it resonated very strongly with me and all that I have been going through in the last year.

I have literally been ‘making the unconscious conscious’ by going for counselling, unravelling my past and facing it in all its darkness and ugliness. For a very long time, I was unwilling to face the truth of the abuse that I suffered as a child. I didn’t want to admit it to myself and instead I stuffed all my feelings down and refused to acknowledge or accept any of it.

It stayed in my unconscious and I didn’t allow it or maybe I wasn’t ready until now to confront the pain. By remaining in the unconscious, it had great power over me. I was stuck; refusing to open my eyes. Like a little girl who shuts her eyes because she doesn’t want to see the monster in front of her; believing that if she shuts her eyes, it’s not really there. I tried to ignore it for a long time but it interfered in every aspect of my life. It defined who I was because it made me a victim; voiceless and full of shame. It led me to an abusive relationship with a man who had an inner wounded child of his own.

Only by facing the truth and admitting that it DID happen and believing the little girl within me, was I finally able to free myself and loosen its hold on me. Of course I will always have the scars but it no longer defines who I am. I have an adult perspective and have finally opened my eyes. It’s no longer my fate because I am creating my own happiness and my own family.

As part of the 3-day quote challenge I have to nominate three inspiring bloggers to continue the trend and my nominations are below. These are three warrior women who inspire me daily with their stories of courage and strength against all the odds.

Patricia Grace


La quemada

And thank you again to Ms Ethel Duck for nominating me for this challenge which I have thoroughly enjoyed!!!


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