We are less alone than we think

loneliness rumi

It is only since I have started sharing my story and being open and honest about myself that I have realised that all this time I have been a lot less alone than I thought. I wish I had known how powerful and healing it is to share our stories. All this time I kept my story hidden because I thought I was weird, strange, shameful, alien. Yet there are so many suffering in similar and different ways. Every heart holds the sorrow and pain from their life experiences. We are in this together and we are all struggling along as best as we can.

The world is a lonely place when we believe that we are alone and that our experiences are separate and alien from others because of shame and guilt. But, we are in fact connected and we are all in this together. From my fellow bloggers here and from the deepening friendships that I have, I have realised that I am not as different as I thought was. I want to be loved and desired just like everyone else. I feel alone, rejected and excluded sometimes too. I want to feel safe and secure like everyone else. All these desires are shared by everyone around me. They don’t make me weak or less. I know it might sound strange but I think up until now I thought that it was a fundamental flaw in me that made me needy of these things and almost ashamed that I wanted to be loved. Maybe because all along I believed that I wasn’t good enough to be loved or worthy of love.

My story is unique yet others lives are touched by the same sorrow and pain for different reasons.I am not as alone as I think.


4 thoughts on “We are less alone than we think

  1. Isn’t it amazing how sharing our experiences on a blog and reading the compassionate responses can make us see that we are not alone? And it’s so easy to see that others with similar experiences are not tainted. Perhaps that means we aren’t, either. I find it enormously helpful.

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