Intimacy, the Inner Mother and the Awakened Masculine

I found this post about the effects of being an unmothered child a very worthwhile read. Hope you can benefit as much as I did.

Womb Of Light

Octavio Campo

All relationships begin and end in separation, except for the relationship with our mothers, which began in a unity; in a fused identity. Whatever deficits we felt in that primary relationship naturally get projected outwards onto other people or situations. The imprint of attachment in that primary dyad becomes the lens through which we see all subsequent relationships.

One of the primary tasks in the process of healing the mother wound is to identify our “mother gap.” And to consciously fill that gap of nurturing from within ourselves, rather than unconsciously asking others to do it for us.

Our romantic partnerships can serve as potent laboratories for transforming the limiting narratives of our childhoods. The beginning phase of romance can re-awaken the childhood dream of the “inexhaustible mother” with its sense of blending, belonging, wonder and a sense of homecoming. And with time, our partners’ flaws and limitations can

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