Inner landscape


My inner landscape has changed.

I can feel my own strength for the first time in my life.

I am pulled very strongly towards the image of rocks and boulders. Strong and stable, sturdy and unbreakable. And my inner flame that never dies out is enveloped and protected by my boulder.

 I can feel a hardness I never felt before.

A hardness that makes me feel less self-conscious, a hardness that prevents me from leaning in too far and taking responsibility for everything. A hardness that allows me to separate myself from others, their needs and responsibilities from mine. A hardness that helps me to recover more quickly than ever from moments of weakness. A hardness that prevents me from smiling when I am sad.

I stay grounded in the centre of me.


4 thoughts on “Inner landscape

  1. A beautiful piece of writing of your new found inner strength. A break through. So glad to see this and also to see what can be achieved through healing and the recovery process

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