Owning my Dreams

There are many ways of interpreting a dream and one can very easily find generic dream interpretations online for every possible dream scenario. I do believe though that these should be taken with a pinch of salt and that the symbols that appear in our dreams are very personal and contextual.

When I have a particularly powerful dream, I like to look it up online first, to try and figure out its significance. Undoubtedly, certains dreams have universal symbolism that can be used as a foundation to understanding a dream. The rest I think is up to the dreamer.

Last night I had a dream that energised me and left me with good feelings. In my dream, I gave birth to a baby girl and it was difficult to walk and climb stairs because my body still felt fragile. The baby girl spoke as fluently as an adult. When she cried, she could only be comforted and soothed by me. When I took her into my arms, a smile of contentment settled on her tiny mouth. One of my aunts who mothered me more than my own biological mother ever did when I was young, commented in my dream on how beautiful she was. Her eyes shone brightly with intelligence and self-assuredness.

The baby girl is me. It’s the little girl or my inner child who is now being heard for the first time. The dream is symbolic of my recognition of her and how this has impacted on her. The little me back then felt ugly and ashamed all the time. I was an early talker but the abuse made me retreat into a shell of shame and ugliness. In my dream, the little girl had a voice because I am looking after her now. I am the only one who CAN. I have listened to her, that’s all that she wanted; she wanted to be heard. I am mothering her and she is smiling.


8 thoughts on “Owning my Dreams

  1. Wow! A very powerful dream. My body seems to respond with goosebumps when I’m touched to my core by something. Absolutly beautiful. I’m so glad you have found that lost voice and can share with the universe, all it’s delights, glory and knowledge, helping others as you do. Thank you.

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  2. Oh I just love this. It soothes me. Thank you for sharing such beauty and filling that seemingly never ending void, the craving of love from a family that did not, and could not, nor chose to love. I can do so now, but it took a very long time, and it’s bit by bit.

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      • I am thinking this is what we are all aiming for and it is the only way to heal and repair the messed up attachment we experienced as little girls and babies. An inner mother who loves unconditionally and embraces all parts of you…love that!

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      • I think you are right, it’s the core issue, it;s at the bottom of it all; being unmothered and feeling profoundly lonely and alien. Growing my own inner mother who is there for me always and accepts all of me is going to heal me I just know it because the little me just wanted to be heard and loved. I have a great audio by Clarissa Pinkola Estez called “Warming the Stone child” about this very subject and it’s helped me immensely. I can pass it on to you if you like. Let me know.


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