Embrace every feeling

embrace your emotions

I stumbled upon this great quotation today and I was compelled to share it with you.

Like me, I am sure you have moments when all you want to do is run like hell from the emotions. Some emotions feel unbearable and overwhelming to say the least.

Here is a man saying that we should embrace all of our emotions regardless. They are part of us, who we are, who we used to be.

I love the idea of embracing them like you would a baby.

I notice that before, when I did battle with every emotion I labelled as bad; I had the most problems, and I was far from myself. Now that I am trying to just mindfully sit with the emotions as they come along, I notice that they have less power over me, and sometimes they pass by with little notice.

The feelings don’t define us. We acknowledge and observe them and then they are free to go on their way without hindrance.

It’s meditation in practice!


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