Help is always at hand!

look within

When we have been abused as children we learn to detach from ourselves; our feelings and our bodies. The healing process involves the long journey back to ourselves. We have to reclaim who we are, and work incredibly hard to find all the pieces, gather them together and see where they fit. Like a gigantic puzzle.

As I do this important work, I am finding that I have a constant companion. A helper who is always at hand. Someone I can rely on completely; who will never let me down. Someone who knows me more intimately than anyone else. Someone who embraces all of me; both my strengths and weaknesses. A best friend. A perfect non-judgemental confidante!

I work hard to stay with her and find her in those moments when I want to berate or criticise myself. Moments when the world is less than kind.I fight to be with her when the darkness pulls me back to the past. I look for her when I am being hard on myself and expect perfection in my healing. She is always by my side.

The answers have been with me all along. I have always had her but never saw or listened to her when she spoke to me. Her voice is becoming louder and stronger.

She is me. I am her. We have each other.


10 thoughts on “Help is always at hand!

  1. This is beautiful. I’m so happy for you I can resonate so much with what you have written. Thank you! I’m enjoying letting my little ones voice get louder too 🙂 I just hope. I don’t give up on her

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  2. I’m totally smiling right now. I just love this. You are eloquent and true. Maybe this will make you laugh, it makes me laugh which pulls me out of spiraling sometimes. When I was getting ready for Ironman and feeling incredibly vulnerable — afraid I’d completely sabotage my race and be riddled inert from self-doubt — my acupuncturist stopped her work, stood over me on the table looking right into my eyes and said with such conviction: “YOU have never let yourself down. YOU have never abandoned yourself. YOU are your best supporter. And, YOU never screwed yourself over. EVER!” She was so passionate and filled with love and fire — we both just looked at each other. I cried. She cried. And we burst out laughing. I blurted out, “NO. I guess I never did. Both literally and figuratively.” And we laughed and cried some more. Not quite as lovely as your post but sometimes humor helps keep us out of our own way too. Sending love to you! Hoping you had a magical birthday and that this year is filled with joy and possibilities for you! XO

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