What if?

What if I am healing?

What if the whole universe is working for me. What if all the parts of me are moving towards wholeness and integration as you read this.

What if I stop trying to control everything and what if I stop resisting and just be me. What if I stop trying so hard and just be.

What if I am just a vessel for all these feelings, thoughts and experiences to pass through. What if I am going to be ok anyway. What if everything that happens is in my favour.

What if I trust the universe to bring me the right people at the right time in the right situations. What if I am already being looked after and cared for. What if I can just relax and not worry about the future.

What if I am already good enough. What if I already have enough.What if I have everything I need.

nature road

What if everything that is meant for me will come anyway, without me having to lift even a finger. What if it will all sort itself out. What if it doesn’t matter if I am not perfect. What if I just accepted myself.

What if this is all true?


6 thoughts on “What if?

  1. I keep trying to fashion a response. Fake it till you make it seems lame, yet is a part of it. And since I know and understand what you are saying because I live it too, I’ll just say that.
    It is fulfilling when I stick by me, do the work of loving me when they didn’t. No wonder it’s hard, and feels impossible, but worth the work.

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  2. I was walking along the path with my dog the other day and it was hot and I felt really thirsty and I looked ahead and there was a bottle of water on the side of the path. I have had this kind of thing happen so many times. I look back to the times my higher power really protected me. I believe this is true for you, though its hard to always trust, isn’t it?


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