I don’t need you anymore!

maya thriving

Old feelings, you fill me up with fear, anxiety, sadness and insecurity. You settle in my stomach and make me feel like hiding. I feel small again when you are around. You take the words out of my mouth and the spontaneity away from my actions.

I know that I needed you when I was being abused and still living with my abuser and his enabler. You helped me to cope and survive with a situation that would have completely overwhelmed me back then. I do respect you and understand why you had to step in. I appreciate what you did for me.

But you can rest now. I don’t need you anymore and your message is outdated. It is not based on my current reality. The abuse is over and I am safe now. I don’t have to be hyper-alert and hyper-sensitive anymore. I can trust and I can connect and speak out loudly and boldly. Nothing bad will happen if I do.

I ask you kindly and respectfully to leave now. I am not alone and I will not be abandoned. I am strong and I have choice now. I have what I need to look after my inner child. I can take over her care now. You looked after her for all this time but it’s my turn now. I know what she needs. It’s my time now to not just survive but THRIVE and I can’t do that if you are still here.

I don’t believe what you tell me anymore because I don’t need to hide. I am not carrying around heavy secrets. I am telling those secrets and they are no longer heavy burdens. I am free. Please set me free and leave! Your work is done.


8 thoughts on “I don’t need you anymore!

  1. This is by far the most powerful and empowering post I have read here. Way to go, girl! You are making a big stride in your growth and evolution! I am also working on my old feelings and beliefs on another subject. Let’s keep the defunct feelings and beliefs out and keep them out for good!

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