Fall in love…with yourself!

rumi inner happiness

Isn’t it funny that when you’re happy or in a good, positive mood, people will always attribute it to something external. A friend asked me yesterday if I was extra smiley and happy because I had met someone. Hahaha!  Is it only a new romantic interest,  that can generate happiness and smiles?

I haven’t met and fallen in love with a new man, I am just learning ever so slowly to create my own unique moments of happiness. I do many little things throughout my day that make me happy; I dance and sing to my favourite songs every morning in the shower. I behave like a goof with my son to make him laugh. I write and write and write in my journal and here on my blog.  I indulge my sweet tooth sometimes. I dress up and wear good underwear.

I have a long long way to go, no doubt, because I am triggered very often by many external things, but for the first time in my life I am taking responsibility for my own feelings. I am examining when and how I am triggered, how I distort reality sometimes and how my own thought patterns lead me to feel bad.

I am also looking after myself by going for counselling every week and getting to the root of all the issues that have plagued my life forever. Very importantly also, I have made a choice to move away from toxic relationships.

So all of the above are my very own ingredients for the moments of peace and happiness I enjoy. It’s not an ecstatic and constant high that I feel, but rather individual moments of happiness that emanate from within. These are moments that no one has given me but have been created and earned by me. I am proud of these moments as I have worked hard for them. I have travelled far within to find and reclaim myself. This gut-wrenching work has its fruits I guess!

I can only articulate this inner happiness by describing it as a heart smile. A smile from deep within that radiates outward. My friend sensed it when she asked me if I had met someone. I have met someone in a sense, and that someone is ME!

May you meet yourself and fall in love too and may it be the beginning of a life-long love affair.


16 thoughts on “Fall in love…with yourself!

  1. Just like you describe,i fell in love with myself too.After i visit my toxic parents,i spend the rest of my day detoxing.I eat chocolate or other favourite food,i listen to music,i write in my journal,i walk in the park to breathe fresh air etc.I also do something which is vital for my well being.After coming into contact with them,i validate myself by reading articles on the internet about toxic people.This way,i reaffirm my truth:that they are dysfunctional while i’m ok.

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