My skydive for a charity that fights child abuse


Spectacular view of the Marina

It was an incredible experience with spectacular views.

I woke up yesterday with my insides doing somersaults, I was petrified. At the Skydive Campus, my harness was attached and my instructor gave me an informal chat/training for five minutes before telling me that it was time to go up into the small aeroplane. I was sandwiched between nervous first-time jumpers and experienced instructors who do seven or eight jumps a day.

I was the third to fall out and each time the hatch opened, I watched people disappear into the Neverland that was outside the plane. I was soo… nervous! When it was my turn the hatch opened and the air pressure was incredible, after positioning my feet correctly my instructor jumped and we fell, wow that free fall was indescribably scary, it was so fast (from 13000 feet) that my mouth wouldn’t and couldn’t open to scream.

After the free fall we were in a horizontal position and my knees were up between his legs. I don’t quite know how I did that. I was so in the moment, the adrenaline rush was so powerful that I didn’t think of anything. My survival instincts kicked in and I did what I had to.

Once the parachute was out it was a gentle fall and I even had a conversation with my gorgeous instructor! I landed beautifully on my butt on soft grass laughing with joy and relief!

I was on such a high I was practically screaming as I described the experience to my two friends who were there to support me.

I tapped into that courage, strength, joy and fearlessness within and it was unlike any other experience I have had! The universe conspired for me to make it all so perfect. I am so grateful, so blessed and so proud of myself. I raised money for a charity that fights to end child abuse and I faced my fears and was my own hero.

I am a warrior! And if I can, you can do it too. Believe in yourself and aim high!!!


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