Nothing’s changed and everything’s changed


I was more loved and mothered than I believed. I had a mother, but she was just not the woman who gave birth to me.

In my counselling session yesterday, we talked a lot about my grandmother and how much she actually mothered me. How much she nurtured, protected and empowered me. She was more of a mother to me than my biological mother and I was drawn to her warmth from very young. I felt the unconditional love she gave seep deep into me. I absorbed her complete acceptance of me and her care and deep regard of me. She saved me!

I was two people when I was little. With my mother and father, I felt bad and ugly and full of shame. I had to earn my love by being tidy, clean, obedient and quiet and by getting good grades. With my grandmother, I could be me and I was still loved and I felt special and good. I was loved for just being. My grandmother showed me off proudly to her friends, she defended me and advocated for me. My grandmother nourished me with her delicious food and stories and spirituality. I would sleep with her and wrap my little hands around her at night feeling so protected and safe. I remember wondering why she loved me so much, because why would a girl like me deserve to be treated so special.

With my parents, I was afraid to get up to use the toilet at night and often wet my bed. I internalised my father’s voice and felt bad and wrong and guilty all the time. I internalised my mother’s voice and felt fearful and alone all the time. My grandmother’s unconditional love brought me out of myself and I was bold and happy.

My not good enough mother and the love from my grandmother were enough to get me here, to where I am. I feel so blessed for her love. She filled  a gap that needed to be filled.

And so… although nothing has changed on the outside, (except my recent divorce) everything has changed, because I see things so differently now. I feel the fullness from my grandmother’s mothering and I know on a deep level of knowing that I did get unconditional love. I don’t need to grasp at straws anymore or prove myself by trying to earn love. I was loved unconditionally for just being me. The love was always there, I just never knew it was there because my perception was clouded by all the things I didn’t get and the great wound of childhood abuse that I carried around as a huge secret.

I know what unconditional love feels like. I tap into it now when I need a gentle reminder of my worth. I tap into it when I need warmth from the cold. It was necessary for me to tap into the voices of my mother and father in order to start healing those dark places. But now is the time to also look at what I did get it, and how powerful and special it was. Maybe I can integrate them all and finally find me, the whole me.

It’s funny how a change in perception, by just turning the angle of the camera we can see the scene in a different light. By seeing the abundance the hole gets smaller and the world is different even though we are in the same place and haven’t travelled an inch.








8 thoughts on “Nothing’s changed and everything’s changed

  1. Beautifully written. I too had a grandmother like that. Your words bring back her warmth, love and full acceptance.
    There are those that save a soul by their kindnesses.
    Though my children are grown, there are places where I am needed and can do some good. I try to remember that and give to my grandchildren what my grandmother gave to me.

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  2. Love this! I didn’t have a relationship with either of my grandmothers, but I didn’t even know it was missing. Now I see my mom with my children and it’s such a special bond. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. What shocking similar stories we have! I also had 2 childhoods:one happy and the other tormented.The tormented one was at my toxic parents home:violence,alcoholism and many other types of abuse.With my parents,i always felt in danger,as i never knew when their next rage tantrum will start.When i came back from school,i used to wonder:Will i find my mother sober or suicidal? The minute i entered the door,i immediately assessed what the atmosphere at home was.I was permanently afraid of the most horrible things happening in a matter of hours,and they usually did.I always expected the worst,i lived in fear and constant anxiety.

    I owe my happy childhood to my aunt and uncle,who had no children of their own.I spent my weekends and my holidays at their home.And there,it was a whole different world for me.I felt loved,safe,respected as a human being and protected.They both played with me,cooked my favorite food etc.But the biggest gift they gave me was this: I inherited their home,which they donated to me after their death.Now they have passed away and i live in their home of my happy childhood.Sometimes at night,i dream that i’m a little girl again,holding my loving uncle’s hand.We walk together and i tell him alll my sorrows.In my sleep,i’m aware of the fact that my uncle is dead and i know that we don’t have much time together.I know that he has to return to his grave and i have to continue with my new life in freedom.

    This is a homage to my aunt and uncle.They were my saviors, my guardian angels.They literally saved my childhood and my entire life by donating me their home,thus helping me escape my sick parents.I owe them my sanity,my mental health.Due to them,i had contact with 2 normal people during my entire childhood.Due to my uncle,i now find comfort in the solitude of nature.He taught me to love parks,trees and the value of “me time”.

    May you both rest in peace,my dear aunt and uncle!

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  4. “It’s funny how a change in perception, by just turning the angle of the camera we can see the scene in a different light. By seeing the abundance the hole gets smaller and the world is different even though we are in the same place and haven’t travelled an inch.” This is such a hopeful, bright closing. Makes me think of you jumping out of the airplane and getting a totally different view of the world. Thanks for this. I need this reminder all of the time.

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    • Thank you so much! I didn’t think of it like that but yes you right, it is a different view of the world! A new perspective that takes in the whole! An integrated view. Your comments always leave me feeling positive and with lots to think about!

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