Tiny beautiful things

What if, for just one day we could see the world through a child’s eyes? Little things would matter and mean a lot, and we’d  live ‘in the here and now’ for just one day.

Yesterday I did just that. I stepped into my son’s shoes and I played like I was six years old again. I forgot that I was sad and alone and resentful about my childhood, I forgot my insecurities and just immersed myself into a world of ‘do drops’ and space travel.

The weather has been so beautiful lately and I decided to take my son outside and take advantage of the rare cool weather. I removed one of his training wheels from his bicycle and he was happily riding his bicycle and trying to balance himself. He looked really cute with his orange helmet and matching knee pads and elbow pads.

Then he got off his bicycle and decided to do a bug hunt and went off in search of insects. My son loves insects, a few weeks ago he brought home a dead bug. He told me one of the kids at school had stepped on it and he wanted us to bury it in the garden.  He also likes to collect insects, give them names, feed them for a day and then set them free. Yesterday he found an ant, “Timmy” who we fed oatmeal cookies and cucumbers. He said it would be a little holiday for Timmy to stay in our house for the night. Timmy was treated to a movie, “A Bug’s Life” and got to watch my son play on his ipad before he was reunited with his family.

After the bug hunt my son let out a high pitched cry, “Mummy, come and see the, “do drops they are so beauuutifuul!”

I want to see the world as a child and notice the ‘do-drops’ and all the other tiny beautiful things.





One thought on “Tiny beautiful things

  1. Oh, I love this, such a lift, as your posts usually are no matter what you are going through. Thank you!
    What a beautiful day with your son and a much needed break…and very nice close-ups too of do-drops!
    Such a funny story about the ant friend. Not many mother’s would have allowed it inside, not sure I would have. I felt like I enjoyed the day with you… : )

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