Happy New Year!

This is not a post about lofty New Years resolutions promising great changes and unrealistic goals for 2016.

I have learnt by now that change takes time and it is a cumulative process that takes hard work, time and effort.

I have been doing the hard work since 2014 so 2016 will more of the same with the addition of a lot of hope and optimism injected into it. I am determined to keep sticking with myself even when the world around me seems to be doing the opposite, when I am going against the flow. I am committed to keep loving myself and embracing every part of me past and present. I am going to keep working hard to challenge the old patterns and move away from the places and people that harm me and I wish the same for you all!

Wishing you all, my dear followers, a new year filled with more healing, inner strength and commitment to yourselves!






7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Resolutions don’t mean that much to me either–I used to make them, and they never did anything for me. Like you, I’ll just be continuing along the path I have been on, slowly but certainly learning to respect and care for myself, to soothe old wounds and make space for more happiness in my life. Those are pretty big goals, actually.

    I know I’ll be able to keep taking inspiration from your posts. Happy New Year!

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  2. What a wonderful year of growth and healing. I feel it has been such myself. And yes, we don’t need to make this time point–the beginning of the artificial calendar year of the Gregorian calendar (LOL)–a specific watershed of our lives, which is more like the flow of a river. In any case, let’s look on to 2016 with hope and courage, and may your life continues to be blessed with more healing and fulfillment.

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  3. its funny i posted mine before i read this. Happy 2016 regardless. wishing you all the best and thank you for your honest insightful sharing. Reaching out is healing in itself, as so much of what you experience lies true to me too and so many others

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  4. I don’t believe in resolutions either but I am making a list of self caring things I hope to integrate into my life this year because sometimes I lose focus, beside that rest and time spent where the energy feels loving. Wishing you ongoing healing and looking forward to sharing more in 2016.

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