What’s coming will come

  • My-mission-in-Life-by-Maya-Angelou

I haven’t been feeling very strong and powerful lately. I have become needy, fragile and vulnerable as the pressure hits. I have become a frightened child again triggering old feelings from the past. Looking outward for help and warmth.

I have forgotten who I am in a sense. I have forgotten how strong I am and how many times I have moved out of a comfort zone. I left home when I was much younger to study at a university in another country all by myself. I thrived and did well in my studies and made so many friends. After I graduated I left home again with very little money.I was alone in a foreign country and I thrived again.

So moving, and leaving places is not new to me. It’s a well-trodden path for me. I am reminding myself today of who I am, of my essence of great courage, strength, wisdom and bravery. I am reminding myself that I have all the resources within to manage this and that whatever comes I will be ok and it will be the right thing for me. There will be times when I have to dig very deep for that inner strength but I only need to be still to find that quiet centre and gather strength from it.



10 thoughts on “What’s coming will come

  1. What a coincidence. Today is a day when I feel weak and vulnerable too. I have over the past month realized that “I am adequate.” Yet circumstances have swayed my belief and given me a temporary loss of my self worth. I think it is simply human to go through these emotions! Let it out! And let’s shift our focus to doing things we like anyway! I also have the experience of moving to foreign countries when younger… I guess the experiences say something about our adaptability and strength. Thanks for reminding me that I can do it no matter how tough life situations are… and you CAN too!

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    • Thank you yes!! A shift in focus is needed. Thank you so much for reminding me that it is so human to feel this way at times. I am hard on myself like that expecting myself to be some super-human robot. But yes it’s not only me who goes through this. We are indeed, both of us, enough and more than capable!!

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  2. Keep looking in and forward. It’s all there everything you need you have it in your very own essence. It seems to be a tough time for quite a few at the moment. Remembering our strength, I’m sending safe strong comforting nurturing hugs across to all who need, mainly due for selfish reasons and I need them.

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  3. I was listening to a radio interview/discussion with a famous author the other day and he was speaking about how scared he feels before releasing what he had to publish. He said the best thing was to talk it out. Say “I am really scared.” Admitting you feel scared or vulnerable is a sign of strength. We all feel vulnerable at times and I relate to feeling very vulnerable lately too. When we confront the unknown we have not guarantee it will work out. It often does. The hardest thing is to let your fear hold you back. I know I have done this in the past. I am full of admiration for what you are doing. It gives me hope, of doing so too.. big hug.

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    • That is spot on. It is so liberating to say what you feel. It releases so much energy. Just the other day I admitted to a friend that I felt jealous and I felt so much better. I think it’s the ‘holding it in’, that gives it more weight and hold on you. so yes writing that I am sacred and saying I am scared is honest, authentic, human and will help me push forward!! I am glad that I can give you some hope.

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  4. Your daily mantra, “I have all the resources within to manage this and that whatever comes I will be ok and it will be the right thing for me.”
    You sure do have those resources, even if they they are being sucked dry by present demands. How to refill the cup? What are the simple things that fill you up? I hope you can find the time to unwind, relax and fill up. Good food, rest, hot bath, walk in nature, giggle time with your son…
    You will be OK, you ARE OK…even if it feels like you’re not, you are. You special woman… : )
    and my dear friend…

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