The fire within


A friend and I made a bucket list of things I would like to do before I leave for London. I ticked off one item on the list last night.

I went out to into the desert with two of my friends. We are very blessed in that the oasis city I live, is surrounded by desert, so it’s just a matter of finding a good spot, parking your car on the side of the road and then walking towards the beautiful sand dunes dressed up warmly armed with firewood for a perfect night in the desert.

There was hardly any wind last night and my friend created a radiant fire with the firelighters and wood she had bought. I bought the snacks and my other friend bought marshmallows to roast.


We sat huddled around the fire holding our cups of  warm lemon and ginger tea under the stars.

The smell of wood smoke and burning marshmallows permeated the air. The darkness around us was like a vacuum which sucked up all the dark ,heavy feelings I have been carrying around for days. My fear and vulnerability seemed to dissolve into the desert air as I sat grounded, caressing the cold, smooth sand under me. The silence was only interrupted by our hushed voices and the distant cries of cats.

It was so good for my soul. We each wrote down things we would like to let go of and threw the folded bits of paper into the fire and watched it burn and burn. The ritual of letting go and allowing space for the new was empowering and liberating.

I felt revived and energised when I got home. That fire is within me and within you, it never dies out. It burns and burns vibrantly, brilliantly, authentically. It is never wrong. Trust it, get to know it and hold it close.



8 thoughts on “The fire within

  1. I love this. Rituals, the physical act of doing something, that symbolizes letting go or giving something back have been a big part of healing for me. I’ve never been able to let go without them. I’ve never tried a fire. Thank you for the inspiration to try this one.

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