I am feeling quite overwhelmed today with all that I have to do. Selling furniture, organising shipping, working out time frames for all the clearances that need to be done, still working full-time and looking after my son!

Wow it’s a lot to deal with and today the weight of it all has really hit me. I bought a pack of cigarettes and have been smoking two a day so far. I never smoke a lot and then I give it up again until the next time. It’s not good for my health of course but right now I am not judging myself and just trying to get this major feat done without collapsing!


It’s going to be ok, I just feel like I need to look out for myself for a change. I am usually hyper-vigilant over my effect on others and I spend all my time worrying about how and when I may have hurt or offended others but really I need to focus on looking after myself. I am relocating after being abroad for so many years and I am doing it all alone. The people who matter will understand if I am preoccupied or self-absorbed.

I am hoping to leave in the next three weeks and then there will be a great deal of work on that side too, getting my son settled into his new school, finding a job etc etc. But it will all get done and I will get through it all. I have all the resources within, all the strength and insight and courage to do this. I believe in me.


32 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. That’s a lot of stuff to deal with on your own. I applaud you. You will definitely cope as you’ve proved over each and every hurdle and struggle you step over. Good luck with it all. I’m glad you can be gentle on yourself. I believe in you too. ☺

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  2. It’s times like this too that the important people in your life will show their true colours. Do you have friends etc to reconnect with you, who know you once you move?

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    • That’s very true! I am here juggling a million things and my ex-husband moans about the tiniest thing he has to do. That’s him for you, could never rely on him to understand or support me. And I am noticing the friends too who are suddenly not here for me! Unfortunately I don’t have many friends, most I lost touch with, so am starting from scratch again and will hoping to make new friends; healthy ones!


      • It will be ok a new start. I will email you if ok, if you want or need I might be more local to you than you are now. I’m not sure

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  3. I believe in you too!
    Of course you need to focus on you and all the things to be done. And sounds like you are checking them off and doing them one by one. It must feel so overwhelming! I don’t know how you are doing it all…but you are!
    I am here for you all the way. If I could, I would help pack or clean or bring a casserole…or child care… I love that!

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  4. Ugh, moving is a dreadful task, and it’s so much more work when it’s an overseas move! It’s utterly understandable that you feel pressured. I wish there were a way to muster all the support you have online to some real practical support through this challenging time. Give yourself a few short breaks to breathe and to remember the care and affection your WordPress friends are sending you.

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  5. Wow, this is real “wow”! I have moved continents several times before so I know the vastness of this move. You are doing it all alone! But don’t forget to reach out for help. You would need it. Above all, like you said, take care of yourself first! That’s your top priority. I know from past experience that when I sacrificed myself my health and emotional well-being always suffered as a consequence. You won’t be able to help your son or other if you don’t keep yourself intact, centered and happy, right? A big pat on the back for you and a big hug!!! Good luck in everything!

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  6. I’ve also moved abroad many times. The first time was just my cat and I, the last two times with a husband. You are incredibly resilient moving with your little one, whilst also working full time, whilst also dealing with a moaning ex! I also applaud you. One step at a time, one breath at a time definetely helps with keeping you going and easing the overwhelmed feeling. Big hug! You are doing great and best of luck! X

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