Feeling really sad today, starting to feel all the losses. All the people, comforts and familiarity I will be leaving behind. I am watching as the furniture leaves and people say goodbye. It is hard. It is such a huge move for me, yet life goes on and will go on for everyone I leave behind. Am I expecting the world to stop and people’s lives to stop just because I am going? I don’t know, it’s a strange feeling of excitement and stress tinged with sadness. Everything no matter how good or bad, is temporary and passes away. In the end we only have ourselves.

way to love rumi


9 thoughts on “SAD

  1. Oh the big day is approaching! Your sense of sadness is such a natural thing–grieving for the imminent loss of a world that is familiar and venturing to a new world that is unknown. Savor the memories! Best wishes for the big move! (((HUGS)))

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  2. You speak like a prophet.
    The only thing we have is ourselves. Wrap your arms around your warm memories taking them with you…the sadness will dissipate. There is wholeness in sadness, in all feelings. I feel like I stand there with you feeling that sadness echo in the packed up apartment. Hold my hand.

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    • Your words give me a warm feeling you are so right. ‘There is a wholeness in sadness” in acknowledging, accepting, embracing and expressing it. I like the idea of wrapping myself around the memories and taking them with me. This place has given me so much. It allowed me to find my way back to myself; offering a kind of sanctuary in which I could be comfortable enough to go inward. I take it all with me. All the experiences and memories. I wholeheartedly hold your hand , thank you.

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  3. I have been thinking about you today and wondering how you are getting on. You DO inspire and help people. I love your blog it is always straight from the heart and true to you. I know the feeling of not seeing your own positive light. I hope everything is going well for you and will be so excited to hear how you feel once you get to England. 🙂

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