Wanted to give you all an update. My first day at my new job. I was terrified and anxious and worried and I imagined a thousand things that could go wrong. I was supposed to start on Tuesday but my son fell ill and I missed my first two days of work.

Everything went smoothly. My son woke up in good spirits, I dropped him off at his Easter holiday camp early. The staff welcomed him warmly. As soon as I had dropped him off, I ran….literally all the way to the school to make it on time and I was 10 minutes early.

I hadn’t prepared anything for the first lesson and the assistant director of studies handed me a pile of books and notes from the cover teachers. I went down to the teachers room and was greeted warmly by the other teachers. I got a good feeling from the room. I prepared my lesson in between my introductions.

My first class was a multi-cultural class of adults from all over the world and I really liked them. They were receptive and I engaged them well. There was laughter and warmth in the room. My second class were advanced learners who I had to challenge more and the discussions were so interesting.

At lunchtime, we were treated to a free hot meal in the staffroom and I felt included and comfortable . I have changed, I am more comfortable in  my skin, I am chattier with people I have just met. I am less self-conscious. In the last job I had in London, I was so uncomfortable and awkward with the other staff, hiding behind myself and so insular. Today I went in, my hair curly, wavy and natural, my smile broad and my heart open. I can do this, it’s what I have done for so many years and I am good at it, that’s why I’ve been hired. I walked into my fear and faced it in all its depth.Thank you God, thank you universe for blessing me today!

Hope lives behind the fear.





4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. So happy for you! Keep riding on the wave of good feelings, no matter how your day turns out, and little by little you will attract more of the good things. As I am learning through studying Abraham Hicks’ teachings, the “Law of Attraction” never fails.

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