The stillness and the dance


It’s ok to be still. Stillness and aloneness are comforting places. A place to rest and listen. To listen to all the voices within. The voices that are usually silenced by the distraction of outside noise. Delve deep into the silence, that place that is the centre of you and know that you are ok. That you deserve to rest and that there is no place you have to run to… no person you have to be but yourself.

I am enjoying my alone time today. I have lit candles in my cosy flat and am listening to soulful music in my lamp-lit space. It’s ok that I am physically alone for this time. I can be still and dance inside. It’s so much better to be alone than to be with people for the sake of it. Trying to make things fit rather than just being still and waiting for the good things to come. It is the law of nature that good things will come if you will allow them. How will they come if we are so busy filling the gaps and our empty spaces with distractions? Our stillness creates space for those good things.

I am not afraid of the stillness and silence for in it I can listen closely to me. That essence that wants so much to be heard. Listen it whispers…please listen. But we are so busy filling it up and trying to kill time that we miss her wisdom and guidance.

stop words

Fear and anxiety tell us that it’s not ok. It’s not ok to be alone and still. That you have to keep doing and doing. But stillness says it ok to just be. That you are enough. That you don’t have to prove anything to yourself and others. That you deserve to be loved and that you are worthy of good things. Not for your achievements. no…just for being born as you.

You are going to be ok. You are safe now and you are healing. The past is over and you are big enough to hold all the sadness and pain with the joy and elation. That life is never black and white… that there are so many layers to this experience called life. That you can be still in the dance and that you can dance in the stillness. The feelings are not your reality. Your essence and being is. Breathe in love and kindness for yourself. For all that you have been through. You have traveled far, through deep and dark places. The feelings cannot kill you. They will pass. Just stay with yourself. Keep close. Your journey is not over. There are still places to go. Listen to the stillness and all it has to say to you.

stillness and dance





7 thoughts on “The stillness and the dance

  1. This is so beautifully and eloquently written. I especially like the sentence “It is the law of nature that good things will come if you will allow them”! Indeed, the art of allowing, followed by deliberate creation through our thoughts, can make wonders in our life! But we must be still, and listen to our heart’s murmurs in silence.

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  2. I was so glad to read this post, and know you feeling at peace. It so easily can escape me.
    With all you have had to deal with, so many incredible challenges, yet handling them all so beautifully, you finally can begin to enjoy the risks that you have taken. Yeah!

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