A Random Act of Kindness


I have a strange story for you today. Strange because nothing like it has ever happened to me nor do I know anyone it has happened to before.

I had a job interview yesterday and on Sunday I needed to go out and get something suitable to wear for as the environment is more professional than what I am used to as a teacher. I dragged my reluctant son out promising treats and street performances if he would just be patient while mummy tried on her clothes. Bribery works every time!!

The first stop was a pizza restaurant we both love. The restaurant wasn’t that full, I noticed a family on the table next to ours. The woman had three children and I thought to myself  “how does she do it?” as it’s hard having  just one.Her kids were rowdy and were standing on their chairs as they ate.

The woman got up to go to the bathroom leaving her kids behind and she passed an elderly man in black jeans and a green polo shirt who had the warmest smile and greeted her like they were old friends. I remember thinking that was quite unusual but forgot about it as my son and I devoured our large and delicious thin base pizza.

When we had almost finished, the waitress walked up to our table and told us that our meal had already been paid for and she gave me the receipt of £17.80. I looked up in surprise and confusion and she explained that a man had said he wanted to pay our bill when he paid for his. He had left already and she said it was just out of kindness. I looked around and started to wonder what it was about.  My first reaction was discomfort and fear. Would the man wait for me outside and want something in return? Was he a stalker? The waitress smiled a big smile and said it was the old man in the green t-shirt.

A free lunch! In London! A random act of kindness from a random stranger who vanished into thin air!

Wow! Beautiful strange unexpected things do happen!

9 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness

  1. I always feel that if I was ever the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness that I would pay it forward….never was a recipient, but have done an RAK to others….go to Dunkin Donuts every morning and noticed a lone old man sitting at a table – it was cold outside and he didnt seem to be drinking coffee – so when I got my own coffee, I bought him one….his smile was worth every penny!

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