The fire within!


I ran my first 8.2mile/13.3km race and I loved it!

It was hard, so hard to get into it. I was intimidated at first by all the very professional looking runners and for the first few miles I struggled to get into it.

It was only by the 4th mile that I had reached ‘my zone’ as it were! My slow and steady pace kept me going for the duration of the run.

I fanned those inner flames and kept going, reminding myself of who I am. That permanent essence that never fades or dies.

I looked around me and saw other runners struggling and I realised at that moment that I am the same. I am not inferior or wrong or bad.

I am a runner. I can run. I can achieve the goals I set for myself no matter how lofty they may seem beforehand. My self-belief came through. I knew I could do it!

It was an amazing feeling to reach the finishing line sooner than I ever expected to. I felt alive and in the moment!

Fan those flames and go for gold!


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