Christmas Markets and the presence of unconditional love.


I love Christmas markets.

The flow of people, the smells and sights and the cold air on my face as I sip my mint hot chocolate.

I took my son to the South Bank Christmas festival and it was awe-inspiring. With the backdrop of the river and the setting sun shining a beam of soft light on the historical Big Ben, it was a great afternoon. We ate warm Dutch pancakes dusted with icing sugar and steeped in Nutella and clapped and laughed along with the by-standers in circles watching the street performers.

My son is a huge fan of street shows and today was very special for him as an African dance group of musicians, acrobats and contortionists chose him from the large crowd as a volunteer performer. I watched as my son was twirled in the air, a look of sheer delight on his face. He was in his element!

It’s been a good weekend. Yesterday in my session with my counsellor I tapped into that unconditional love that my grandmother lavished me with. Her presence is still so strong in my life and I drew a picture of her house with colourful vibrance. She was the soul of that house and her front garden had a swinging chair that I used to sit on with her under the umbrella of a huge tree. The warm wind blowing and the motion of the swing and that deep sense of safety and comfort is something that I can return to. The warmth of her smile when she opened the door to me and the brightening of her eyes when I visited her. The smells of the spices in her kitchen and the sound of her sizzling pots and pans.

Her back garden with giant avocado and mango trees and all the vegetables she planted and cared for.

She was the light of my childhood and I know unconditional love and acceptance because of her. I would love to honour her by seeing her in me and also writing her story. The story of a spirited and warm woman who nourished so many people with her love, food and stories. I love you Ma.



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