A quiet passion

It’s unusual for me to have so much time to myself and I am finally relaxing into it. My son has gone away for two weeks with his dad. At first, I felt a nagging emptiness and discomfort but I am settling into the silence. Spreading myself into it and seeing where it takes me.

I’ve just watched a profoundly beautiful film about Emily Dickinson. The film is called ‘A Quiet Passion’ and there is so much that appealed and spoke to me in the film.

She lived an outwardly quiet life with a rebellious and restless spirit. She was ferocious in her disapproval of the patriarchal constraints of the society she lived. She refused to conform and her depth of spirit was unparalleled amongst her peers.

She poured her soul into her words and longed and yearned for love yet felt suffocated when people came too close.

Here are some quotes I collected. Enjoy!


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