Amazing Iceland and good endings


My recent trip to Iceland left me in complete awe of nature. It’s not often you go on a trip to appreciate the natural wonders that surround us. I have done more city breaks in my life and so this was a holiday with a difference.

Th landscape is dramatic, dreamy and awe-inspiring. The ice and snow on the black rocks and a breathtaking glacial waterfall.  The geysers shooting up water from the depths of the earth and the volcanic craters and geothermal pools with temperatures of 38 degrees. We stood on a no-man’s land covered in magma where two continents have drifted apart

We didn’t get to see the Northern Lights but on our Northern Lights mystery tour there was a SuperMoon shining bright in the sky and we walked along a black sand beach and listened to our Icelandic guide play the violin, and sing Icelandic songs and tell us stories of Trolls and elves. Icelandic folklore is rich with tales of trolls and elves and strong warrior women.

Before I left for Iceland, I had my last counselling session with a therapist who I have worked very closely with. A woman who provided a safe, non-judgemental space for me for almost 18 months. I can’t believe 58 weekly sessions went by so quickly.

Endings are never easy for me but this I know was a good one because it was a beginning. I walked away from that space empowered and enriched with an infinite number of tools and resources in a treasure chest. I can pull those out whenever I need to. I learnt so much from our time together.

I learnt that I didn’t need fixing, I learnt that there is a permanent essence within, filled with immeasurable beauty and unquantifiable strength and courage. I learnt that it’s ok to stumble and fall and that there will be highs and lows and I learnt that there is no right or wrong path. That it all is a journey; a kind of gentle unfolding that can’t be forced in a particular direction. I learnt that I am loveable just as I am and that feelings are temporary and that they pass always and that I can face them head on. I learnt that it was me who showed great commitment and that it was me who did the hard work.

Within me there is  rock, impenetrable and it weathers each storm, each windy day. It survives and thrives through every external change. I also learnt that there are so many indivisible parts. The inner child, my protector, my inner mother and others I am still befriending. Integration is possible because at the centre is an adult me embracing and holding it all together.

I realised while in Iceland that I have those beautiful rocks within. I am blessed to have had such a great therapist and I am blessed to have seen all that beauty in Iceland.





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