Dear Inner Child


Letter to my inner child

My beautiful little girl. You can trust and depend on me always. I hear you and I see you. It’s been a very difficult few days but I am here, holding your hand. Fanning those flames. I wrap you tightly in Ma’s orange and brown shawl. The one she always wore around the house to keep her warm. You are safe. I shield you from the thoughtless, careless words. From the unkindness, the ignorance. I know what you suffered, I know how hard it is still. I will never fail you as they have. I am your mother, your grandmother, your guide and you can lean on me always. You have done nothing wrong. You are an innocent angel. You deserved love then and you deserve it now.Ā  You are worthy of all the best things. I give you that unconditional love now, you can rely on me. I take you with me wherever I go. You are strong and beautiful. Your skin, your curls, your missing teeth, your smile and your bright eyes. He is a liar and he has a band of fools around him. They are not important. We have a new family now. A family of real supporters, who sees us, hear us and believe us. I believe you. I know, I know, I know. I love you my sweet girl. I leave you in a special place, bathing in the soft yellow light from the sky above. The sand is soft and silky, the water is warm and you can go as far as you like into the water. Everything in this special place wants only healing and peace and love for you, the purple butterfly that sits on your arm, the gentle breeze that caresses and the wise ladybird that climbs your feet. Play in the sand and water. You are safe and always will be here. Ma is near and I am near. You are watched and safe. You are going to be fine.

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