Returning Home


Am at home this week for the start of the school holidays and I feel like I have returned home to myself. It’s been a crazy few weeks with huge challenges both at work and home and at times it felt like there was no respite.

But today, the quiet outside and inside , like a lullaby, has lulled me to a safe place within. Home is me.. within myself. All the resources and tools I need to get by and deal with difficult people.. is within. All the power and strength is in that permanent essence, that fire that burns strongly and wildly within.  A fire that never burns out. The raging embers deep within it are unextinguishable (think that is not really a word)! My moon mother watches over that fire for me, fanning it when I most need it. She stands at a distance with warmth and love for me brimming and pouring out of her eyes.

I am bathed in a soft, warm, yellow glow from within. Adversity has shaped me, yet it hasn’t broken me. It has moulded me into warm steel that shows compassion and firmness in the best and worst of times.

I don’t need to go anywhere else, it is all here, all the love, the warmth, the wisdom and the strength. I am where I am supposed to be.


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