Painful Realisations

As my son grows older and more independent, I’m struck by the painful realisation that the world out there isn’t always kind. In fact, it is very often not. A lesson I don’t want him to learn, yet he has to and he will. I find so much kindness here, on this blog, from people I’ve never met. People who empathise deeply with my struggles. This is not a reflection of the harshness out there.

Last week, my son was given a detention before he could open his mouth and explain that it wasn’t his fault for being late. He is being taught that one is guilty before trial. Today he was screamed at by a bus driver who may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or may have had bad experiences with uniform-clad children on his bus. Not every child misbehaves on a bus or is tardy.

He is learning that people take their anger out on you and that people dislike you because of your outward appearance. Maybe the wrong hairstyle or colour of skin. I don’t want him to grow up with a victimhood mentality but at the same time my heart breaks to see the innocent surprise on his face when he realises that it’s not a given that people treat you with kindness and care.

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